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Download God of war Olympus

There are thousands God of war PPSSPP games are available , but we provide the most possible compressed version ever within 85MB. So you can download it within 5 minutes using any browser.

GOD OF WAR OLYMPUS is another intense fight action and fighting game developed by Santa Monica and ready at dawn and published by SCE. The game was officially released in 2008 for PlayStation portable formerly called as PSP and also for PS3. All the major game of God of war is build by Santa Monica Studios, thanks to the company for providing us such great entertaining games.

Gameplay Features
  • God of war is a Combo based Combat fighting
  • The blades of chaos as the main weapon of the player
  • Acquire more weapons such as the Sun Shield and Gauntlet of Zeus by completing stages
  • Quick time events – a game mode in which the game requires the player to defeat the the bosses in a limited time.
  • The player has three magical attacks to use during a fight
  • 3D Graphics
  • Fixed Camera Angle
  • An open world like game, move anywhere you want.

How to Download GOW Chains of Olympus Highly compressed on PPSSPP

To Successfully Download God of war Chains of Olympus file ( GOW COO PSP ) on PPSSPP, follow the instructions provided below.

  • Firstly download a psp Emulator if you have installed one already.
  • Now download the 80 MB highly compressed zip file of GOW Coo PSP.
  • Extract the iso file out via using Z archiver or any other Decompressor.
  • Now Download the save data files ( it’s upon your choice )
  • All done, just open psp Emulator, find the iso/cso game and tap on it
  • Start playing.
  • The original file size is over 1GB and here we provided 87MB with direct link.

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